Entertainment - 2013


Celebration, Photo by Josh Sisk

Band stages curated/managed by: Benn Ray/Atomic Books.

THE AVENUE STAGE (36th St. in front of Bank of America)
11:15: Little Rib
12:00: The Creepers
1:00: Jaabs
2:00: Balkan Falcon
3:00: Raindeer
4:00: Celebration
5:00 Hampden Idol with Keyboard Man

ATOMIC BOOKS STAGE (36th and Falls)
11:30: Comedy: Umar Khan, Josh Kuderna, Mike Finazzo, Reggie Melborough, Justin Hancock1:00: Sick Thoughts
2:00: Paper Dragons
3:00: Chester Stacey
4:00: ADVLTS
5:00: Monster Museum
6:00: Roomrunner

CHESTNUT STAGE (36th St. and Chestnut)
11:15: Sweepstakes
12:00: The Idle Gossip
1:00: The Stents
2:00: Small Apartments
3:00: Sick Sick Birds
4:00: Sal Bando
5:00: Lush Farm
6:00: Kurt Deemer Band

Kid's stage curated/managed by: Kevin Sherry/Brain Bear.