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Toilet Race Competition 2016

toilet racer-

photo by Russ Bradshaw

The Race is from 3-5pm on Chestnut!!


Registration will be the day of the race. Please bring a filled out application ( HERE!) with you.

***The Official Rules***

The Definitions:

- “Team” = One racer + at least one pilot + at least one crewmember (minimum of 2 people)
- “Racer” = the defecation-device-based vehicle itself
- “Pilot” = the person who will steer the racer during the race
- “Crew/Crewmember” = team member(s) who are NOT pilots

The Toilet Racer:

1. All racers must include at least one clean human defecation device.
2. All racers must be gravity-powered, and may not have any other power or propulsion source
3. The dimensions of a racer may not exceed 5 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 13 feet tall.
4. There are no minimum dimensions for a racer, but it must carry at least one pilot during the race.
5. The racer must be capable of steering both left and right.
6. The racer must have a brake and be capable of stopping without damaging the street

The Team:

7. Each “team” is comprised of a “racer”, a “pilot”, and “crew,”
8. Each team must have at least one pilot and can have up to three pilots.
9. Each team must have at least one crewmember and can have up to four crewmembers.
10. The total number of team members may not exceed seven.
11. All team members must be at least 18 years old.
12. All team members must complete and sign a liability waiver in-person at check-in to participate.

The Races:

13. Races will be held as single-elimination tournament-style drag races
14. Each team will be placed into tournament brackets on the day of races by race officials
15. A team may use up to three crewmembers as pushers at the beginning of each race.
16. A team must have at least one crewmember as a pusher. A pusher can also serve as the pilot, but must be fullyseated on his/her defecation device BEFORE the front of the racer leaves the push zone.
17. Pushers may only push within the marked push-zone, which will end 20 feet beyond the starting line.
18. All pilots must remain seated on his/her defecation device at all times while racing.
19. All pilots are required to wear a helmet at all times while racing.
20. The racecourse will be approximately 600 feet long.
21. There will be absolutely no physical contact with other teams or sidelines when racing. Physical contact is NOT SAFE, and may result in disqualification of all teams involved. Just don’t do it.

The Important Stuff:

22. Race officials reserve the right to deny entry to any racer that does not conform to the rules or is deemed unsafe.
23. Race officials will disqualify any team that does not conform to the rules or are deemed to be jerks.

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