The Great Baltimore Mac Off Competition

The competition is open to both amateur and professional cooks/chefs. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible since space is limited.

Your Entry: Your dish MUST represent "Macaroni & Cheese" and must showcase both pasta and cheese as the main ingredients. Non-traditional ingredients, highlights, and cooking methods are acceptable. Please bring a "Full Pan" size of your entry, which is the equivalent of 2 13x9 standard home baking dishes.

All contestants are required to prepare their dish in a licensed kitchen.

Home Cooks: If you do not have access to a licensed kitchen, you will be provided use of a licensed facility to prepare your dish on the morning of the event. You are responsible for bringing your own ingredients, cooking utensils and other implements you need to make your dish. If you need special equipment – bring it. You will need to clean up your kitchen space before your dish can leave the kitchen to the contest. You may bring a helper to assist with clean up. We will have a representative of GBMO present to answer questions and to ensure that everything goes smoothly. GBMO will provide chafing dishes with fuel and serving utensils at the GBMO booth, and we will provide transport of your dish to the booth.

Professionals: Your dish must be prepared in a licensed kitchen. Please bring your own chafing dish and fuel.

All Contestants: GBMO will have staff on site to serve the dish. Once your dish is set up for serving, we ask that you leave the serving area to make room for the tastings.

Tastings and judging are “blind”. You may not tell the judges, nor the public “tasters”, which dish is yours, or your dish will be disqualified and your entry fee will not be refunded. “Best Home Cook” and “Best Professional” entries will be judged by our panel of judges.

“People’s Choice” will be judged by the public. Tasting Tickets will be available for sale at the festival from 11 am to 2 pm, or until the tickets are sold out. Winners will be announced after 2 pm, once the ballots are tallied.

Our Judges:

PRIZES: Gift baskets containing giftcards and merchandise from Hampden Merchants as well as an ad announcement in the CityPaper for the Winners.

DEADLINE: Applications and entry fees must be received by September 1st at 6pm. The fee must be received by the deadline to validate your application.

PROCEEDS: Benefit the Hampden Food Bank

CONTACT INFO: If you have questions, or would like to volunteer for the Great Baltimore Mac-Off, you may call or write:

The Great Baltimore Mac-Off
c/o Atomic Books
3620 Falls Rd
Baltimore. MD, 21211
Phone: 443-416-8903