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Toilet Race 2016

toilet racer-

photo by Russ Bradshaw

Every year at Hampdenfest an event is held that will test what you are made of as a Baltimorean-- the Hampden Toilet Races. 

Toilet Races combine the do-it-yourself ingenuity of soapbox races with toilets, gravity, and crowds of your favorite neighbors. 

All of the racers must include some sort of human defecation device and must be powered by a mad rushing push. The rest is up to gravity! The course is a down hill section of Chestnut Avenue and is about a block long. 

Some of the teams consist of up to 4 drivers and as many as 6 pushers. These teams register the day of so they can fill out the dreaded paper work, band aids are available for any paper cuts. 

Profits from the 40 dollar registration fee go to The Skatepark of Baltimore which is the reason this event was created seven years ago. Racers register on Chestnut and 36th, 10 am to high noon. Racers must return to the track at 2 pm for a walk through and rules session. 

At 3 pm the races will begin, the first jaunt down the hill is just to get used to sitting on your throne then after some brief relaxing, the single elimination racing starts. 

All of this is followed up by the ceremonious and much coveted golden seat awards for a multitude of racing aspects. 'Cause everyone is a winner when you can use your toilet.

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Entertainment - 2016


THE ICON STAGE (36th St. in front of Bank of America)
This stage programmed by Benn Ray.
11:00 School Of Rock
12:00 Expert of Nothing
l:00 POET: Elizabeth Hazen
1:05 Holy Fingers
2:00 POET: Dora Malech
2:05 Jumpcuts
3;00 POET: Connie Scozzaro
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4:00 POET: Thea Brown
4:05 Raindeer
5:00 POET: Bruce Jacobs
5:05 TT The Artist
6:00 POET: Rupert Wondolowski
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ATOMIC BOOKS STAGE(36th and Falls)
This stage programmed by Benn Ray.
11:15 Go Dog Go
12:00 Santa Librada
1:00 Guided By Wire
2:00 Pure Junk - REUNION
3:00 Post Pink
4:00 PLRLS
5:00 Kurt Deemer Band
6:00 Gateway To Hell

This stage programmed by Hidden Volume Records.
11:00 The Get Smart (BAL, ex-Idle Gossip)
12:00 Colora (BAL)
1:30 The Othermen (NY)
2:30 Party Lights (NY)
3:30 The Stents (BAL)
4:30 Louie Louie (PHIL)
5:30 The Above (NY)

2016 Vendors, Exhibitors and Sponsors