The organizers of Hampdenfest, after much deliberation and attempts at problem solving and improvising, have come to the decision that, regretfully, there can be no Hampdenfest in 2021.

While COVID vaccination rates in Baltimore City continue to remain low, and the emergence of variant forms of the virus have resulted in a disturbing uptick in cases, even among those fully vaccinated, we are not comfortable with the organizing of a large street festival.

However, to credit our decision solely on the current COVID situation would present an incomplete rationale.

It is also a combination of not enough time to fund and organize it (typically, we start organizing Hampdenfest in January to take place in September, and we were only told that the city would begin to issue permits in June - putting us months behind schedule), added with the current state of the neighborhood makes it impossible to stage a festival the size and quality of Hampdenfest. Further, we feel Hampdenfest would be disruptive to those businesses who have been operating with spill outs, sidewalk dining, and have built temporary parklet structures during COVID.

We hope to see you on the Avenue in 2022!