Hampdenfest 2014 Wrap Up

After being told by The City that we couldn't have Hampdenfest on September13th due to the massive festivities going on around the city for the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, we thought the festival was dead for 2014.

But our local council members wouldn't let us quit. The community wouldn't let it die. We got a message from the Mayor's office that it wasn't a matter of if Hampdenfest would happen but when. So, we went on with it with promises of support and help from Hampden merchants, residents, and friends - and we were able to pull it off!

We introduced a new competition this year called Hampden's Got Talent! Dirty Marty hosted, while the judges on stage were Jim Meyers, comedian, Patrick Stork, host of Black Lodge Karaoke, and Dana Murphy, of Unregistered Nurse Booking. The winner of the competition was YOLO Man, John Bennett.

We had 18 teams compete in the Toilet Race this year. The winner of the Toilet Race was Team Stool Pigeon, which consisted of Dan Lemkin, Brian Balch, Micheal Abraham, Jim Burger, and Mike Bond.

photo by Hennpict/CityPaper

There are so many great photos taken at Hampdenfest by attendees! Just search for the hash tag #hampdenfest on Instagram and take a look! Here are just a few samples.

Here are a few videos of the live performances at the festival by Thomas Kessler:

We'd like to thank all of our sponsors, all the volunteers, and all of you who attended. Thank you all for an unforgettable Hampdenfest!!