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Hampdenfest 2016, September 17th, 11am - 7pm

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After being told by The City that we couldn't have Hampdenfest on September13th due to the massive festivities going on around the city for the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, we thought the festival was dead for 2014.

But our local council members wouldn't let us quit. The community wouldn't let it die. We got a message from the Mayor's office that it wasn't a matter of if Hampdenfest would happen but when. So, we went on with it with promises of support and help from Hampden merchants, residents, and friends - and we were able to pull it off!

We introduced a new competition this year called Hampden's Got Talent! Dirty Marty hosted, while the judges on stage were Jim Meyers, comedian, Patrick Stork, host of Black Lodge Karaoke, and Dana Murphy, of Unregistered Nurse Booking. The winner of the competition was YOLO Man, John Bennett.

We had 18 teams compete in the Toilet Race this year. The winner of the Toilet Race was Team Stool Pigeon, which co…

Food & Drink - 2016

2016 - On Street Food & Drink Vendors:

Appetizers on the Run
Asian Taste USA
Barbecue Chip's B-More Alive
The Brewer's Art
Cafe Hon
The Charmery
Chef Hogate - Thai dishes
Dangerously Delicious Pies
Dylan's Oyster Cellar
Fruity Smoothie Gypsy Queen Cafe Hampden Christian School International Grill Lemon Squeezers
Local Oyster
Luigi's Italian Deli
Ma Petite Shoe Cafe
Mobtown Fermentation
Mount Everest Restaurant Nader's Bistro and Grill
Rick Evan's Frosty
Sacred Kitchen Catering
Sweetside Cafe Union Craft Brewing

2016 Vendors, Exhibitors and Sponsors

Toilet Race Competition 2016

photo by Russ Bradshaw

The Race is from 3-5pm on Chestnut!!


Registration will be the day of the race. Please bring a filled out application ( HERE!) with you.

***The Official Rules***

The Definitions:

- “Team” = One racer + at least one pilot + at least one crewmember (minimum of 2 people)
- “Racer” = the defecation-device-based vehicle itself
- “Pilot” = the person who will steer the racer during the race
- “Crew/Crewmember” = team member(s) who are NOT pilots

The Toilet Racer:

1. All racers must include at least one clean human defecation device.
2. All racers must be gravity-powered, and may not have any other power or propulsion source
3. The dimensions of a racer may not exceed 5 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 13 feet tall.
4. There are no minimum dimensions for a racer, but it must carry at least one pilot during the race.
5. The racer must be capable of steering both left and right.
6. The racer must have a brake and be capable of stopping without damaging t…

Entertainment - 2016


THE ICON STAGE (36th St. in front of Bank of America)
This stage programmed by Benn Ray.
11:00 School Of Rock
12:00 Expert of Nothing
l:00 POET: Elizabeth Hazen
1:05 Holy Fingers
2:00 POET: Dora Malech
2:05 Jumpcuts
3;00 POET: Connie Scozzaro
3:05 The Creepers
4:00 POET: Thea Brown
4:05 Raindeer
5:00 POET: Bruce Jacobs
5:05 TT The Artist
6:00 POET: Rupert Wondolowski
6:05 Wildhoney

ATOMIC BOOKS STAGE(36th and Falls)
This stage programmed by Benn Ray.
11:15 Go Dog Go
12:00 Santa Librada
1:00 Guided By Wire
2:00 Pure Junk - REUNION
3:00 Post Pink
4:00 PLRLS
5:00 Kurt Deemer Band
6:00 Gateway To Hell

This stage programmed by Hidden Volume Records.
11:00 The Get Smart (BAL, ex-Idle Gossip)
12:00 Colora (BAL)
1:30 The Othermen (NY)
2:30 Party Lights (NY)
3:30 The Stents (BAL)
4:30 Louie Louie (PHIL)
5:30 The Above (NY)

What Is Hampdenfest?

photo by Jack Lyons

HampdenFest began as a local community event organized by the Hampden Village Merchants Association and the Hampden Community Council, but in recent years has evolved into a neighborhood arts festival that draws visitors, as well as local residents, to enjoy the community of merchants on and around West 36th Street. HampdenFest features three stages of music and art performances, an activity area for kids, as well as four blocks of arts and crafts vendors and other wares from a wide range of merchants and artists. Hampden itself has hundreds of local businesses which are consistently listed in Baltimore Magazine and the City Paper's Best of Baltimore.

For seekers of great food and an engaging atmosphere, HampdenFest offers an abundance of Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay and local Hampden cuisine, including pit beef, crab cakes, and locally brewed beer. A mix of national and local indie rock, folk, punk, and acoustic bands will perform throughout the day.

The festiva…