SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2022 - Wrap Up

It's been three years since the last Hampdenfest, so it's been a bit of a rebuilding year, getting back into the swing of things. Here's a mini Wrap Up!

Dangerously Delicious Pie Eating Contest Winner - 
Sam Whalen
photo by China Martens

Rocket to Venus Atomic Wing Eating Contest Winner -  
Gabby "The Bonecrusher" Headrick 
photo by Juliet Ames

Salt Box Corn Hole Winners -
Champions - B’more’s Best (Rob & Paige)
1st Losers - Cornholio’s Kids (Jason & Allison)
2nd Losers - We Dem Boys (Lynn & Cici)
photos by Juliet Ames


photos by Juliet Ames

photos by Benn Ray

photo by Rachel Whang

This festival would not happen without these dedicated volunteers, some of whom work all day (which means 12 - 18 hours!) and some who've volunteered for years, and these aren't even all of them! Also thanks to all of our sponsors, most of which are Hampden Village Merchants Association members, and other local homegrown media and businesses. Thanks to all of our vendors! This festival is brought to you by no major corporations.

Thanks so much to the city for their services and workers - so many festivals happening all at once and magically (seems like) they all get done!

And thanks to all of you for attending and supporting our neighborhood artists, musicians, services, and businesses. Thanks for keeping us all around through a pandemic and all of these decades. None of this would happen without all of you!